Ideas for Training Peer Tutors in Collaborative Session Techniques

Educational environments promote learner engagement through student-centered activities. K-12 settings, in particular, rely on enhanced academic support services in helping students achieve core course objectives through guided instruction and facilitated peer learning. The services of such academic support programs oftentimes range from one-on-one to study group sessions and online tutoring. It is imperative, however, that […]


4 Effective Strategies for Motivating Students in Math

Traditional math instruction that involves endless memorization and drilling is not only painful and boring, but it’s also ineffective. Worst of all, even if students do end up learning the required material, they’re all too often left with a distaste for the subject that leads them to steer away from math in higher education, and […]

Students of the Month – August 2016

Skid Row Learning Center – Melodie, 10th Grade. Having students return to the Skid Row Learning Center(SRLC) is a bittersweet, mixed bag since we always hope that students that leave us find permanent housing and ensuing stability and success. Upon a student’s return, we never know whether to expect a downtrodden student or a resilient… […]


Refer a Friend to School on Wheels!

  Do you love tutoring with School on Wheels? Will you help us reach more students across southern California? Our annual Refer a Friend Challenge will run through the month of August. During this time, we ask all current and former School on Wheels volunteers to refer friends, colleagues, family members, or anyone else who might be interested in… […]


How Khan Academy Can Enhance Your Tutoring Sessions

How do you know what topics your students need help with? What can you do to make sure you’re prepared for each tutoring session? The School on Wheels Digital Learning Team explains how our academic assessments, the Khan Academy program, and our apps database can help enhance your tutoring sessions by providing more structure and… […]