What are students really typing?

During my graduate career at the University at Buffalo in the Anthropology program, I was occasionally invited to lead a class discussion.  The classroom itself could seat upwards of 200 students, many of which had brought along their laptops. Photo from Wikimedia.org On one balmy spring morning, I was asked to give a lecture on […]


Engaging Students Through Their Laptops

As more and more faculty begin to flip their classroom, design blended learning experiences, and think about a hybrid model, it is important to consider how students use their technology.  In today’s college classroom, students are not only able to escape paying attention through daydreaming and crosswords, but also by text messaging, browsing millions of […]


Three roles faculty have when incorporating technology into their course

Are you an instructor using technology in your classroom? Well, there are three roles that you should be taking as the instructor… Role model, tech support, and cheerleader! Instructor as role model image shared with creative commons Any faculty member who is using technology in (or out) of class has the opportunity to become a […]


Data-Driven Peer Tutoring (With a Bonus for Khan Academy Users)

As the school year starts, check out Splor! Splor allows students to search for skills / concepts and find peers who’ve mastered them. Typically, I’d start by touting the benefits of peer tutoring and peer teaching, but the Peer Tutoring Resource Center already has. So, instead, I’ll share three benefits of using technology to facilitate peer teaching: 1. Splor […]


Homeless at the age of ten, former student shares his story

Carlos Horacio Hernandez, a former student of School on Wheels, was plunged into homelessness at the age of ten.  A year earlier, he had arrived in the United States from Honduras with his mother, stepfather, and two sisters. His mother lost her job within six months of occupying a four bedroom house in Los Angeles…. […]


Glendale Community College Annual Supply Drive

The Eight Annual “Pack a Backpack” Drive to benefit homeless children begins! The goal for this year is to collect 65 backpacks filled with school supplies. For more information you can visit their website here: http://www.glendale.edu/index.aspx?page=2109&recordid=9902&returnURL=%2findex.aspx The post Glendale Community College Annual Supply Drive appeared first on School on Wheels. Powered by WPeMatico


School On Wheels Staff and Students Surprised by Sporting Heroes

Over the summer staff and students were surprised by a visit from sports legends, Derek Jeter, Kevin Durant and JJ Watt.  These heroes are part of a campaign being run by American Family Insurance to celebrate courageous people pursuing their dreams. Thank you to American Family Insurance for highlighting the work of our courageous staff, volunteers… […]


Tutors of the Month – September 2016

Region 2 – South LA – Christian Avalos. Christian made a video describing his tutoring experience with School on Wheels. In the video, Christian talks about how, after a big turnaround, he went from being the teacher to being the student. Region 4 – Long Beach, South Bay – Janet Cho. Janet is enjoying tutoring… […]